5 Tips to Lose Weight without Sweat and Shape your Curves

Who said losing weight is all stress? Don’t believe their lies, you can create fun out of it! I mean, you don’t always have to sweat it too much to shed a few pounds. Unlike a typical weight loss plan where you’d expect your efforts to shed off pounds to be heroic, with few painless weight loss tips I’m about to share, you don’t have to exert an endless amount of efforts trying to look lean and fit.

With stress-free weight loss tips you can burn calories without working out for hours or depriving yourself of those yummy treats running in your mind right now. Read on as I introduce you to the 5 stress-free weight loss tips gathered from experts’ research that will bring out the model in you.

  1. Drink a Glass or 2 of Water before Meals

When you are hydrated you won’t feel so famished and you would be less inclined to hog up whatever is at your table. People tend to watch what you eat if they drink a glass of water before eating. Though it keeps your mouth busy, water is a no-calorie beverage. Water curbs your appetite, especially if you’re a compulsive snacker. Drinking plenty of water when you’re working out makes you feel refreshed, reviving you up to work out longer.

  1. Who Needs Exercise?

Don’t bother yourself exercising! You heard me right, don’t stress yourself doing those boring push-ups and workouts. Just hearing the word “exercise” makes you not want to do it because the word in itself doesn’t sound so pleasant to the ear. This is what you should do instead of exercising: go biking or swimming, clean the house, wash the car, chase the dog, play football with the kids or have great sex. By mere giving “exercise” a better name makes a great difference!

  1. Find an Excuse to Keep Walking

Create excuses so you can go walking, even for 5 more minutes, to increase your physical activity. Walking affects your fitness because it’s a great way to burn calories. For instance, by using a push version of mower instead of the power type you have given yourself an excuse to walk. Take a short break and go out of the office and walk while you do your meetings. Park your car at the extreme end of the parking lot. Instead of using a leaf blower, rake or sweep the dried leaves from your driveway. When you’re riding the bus, get off a few stops from your designated stop. Walk to the mall and walk in the mall, hiking around all levels. Whenever possible, take the stairs instead of the lift. Join charity walks. Play upbeat music when you mop or vacuum the interiors of your house.

  1. Don’t Limit your Diet, Eat what you Like

Don’t limit the desires of your appetite; add such healthy goodies like sweet juicy grapes, crunchy snow peas and delish red cherries to your meals. Give yourself a treat, munch them with your breakfast cereals or pack these delights in your bag and have lunch with them. Add some veggies in your stews, sauces and soups. As long as you keep your calories intake in check and add to your physical activities such as a quick stroll or dancing, adding such goodies is not a bad idea.

  1. Replace your Favorite Foods with their Low-calorie Alternatives

Can you imagine cutting back on your calorie intake without even noticing it? Yes! You can achieve this by simply reducing the fat cheese and adding the low calorie versions of your favorite pizza. Don’t worry; it will taste just as fun and filling without you ever noticing a vacuum!

Similarly, you can achieve this by boosting your fiber intake while sticking to this diet technique. Eating foods rich in fiber satiates ones appetite.

What other effortless means of exercise have you adopted that have been giving you the desired results? Why not leave us a comment below or contact us today?

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