6 Rules to Beat the Heat this Summer

As the weather is heating up our bodies struggle to adjust, especially outdoors, and in places that lack air-conditioners. Many diseases thrive better in hotter environments than colder, hence the need to stay cool this season. Warm weather is lovely when you are near a beach but not everybody can afford the luxury of being at the beach everyday throughout the season. Moreover, what is you get stocked in the office?

Rule 1: Avoid Heavy Meals

Don’t eat big meals. Rather, nibble on some snacks in case you feel peckish. Your local cash and carry wholesaler will have a big variety of flavours for you to choose from. The drawback of eating a heavy meal is that it makes you feel hotter because digestion consumes a lot of energy and this generates body heat. Stay cooler by eating smaller portions and drinking ice cold bottled water or juice.

Rule 2: Eat Chilli or Spicy Food

Well, I know you thought the quite opposite of this. This helps lower your temperature, even though it heats your mouth.

Rule 3: Cover Up

Some people may be tempted to undress when it is severely hot. Nope! Do the contrary rather by keeping your restraint with loose clothing in natural fibres. Clothes shade your skin and protect the body from the sun.

Rule 4: Your Hands are not a Fan

No matter what, don’t fan yourself with your hands. This is will create a rush of air which will make you feel temporarily cooler but the energy that this forceful action uses will cause a rise of your body temperature. Instead, use a hand fan or just a straight piece of paper and without much effort you will feel much cooler.

Rule 5: Avoid Wearing Dark Coloured Clothes

Dark colours are better absorbers of heat than their light counterparts, hence the need to stay clear of black. White, beige and light pastel colours are the best shades to wear during unbearable heat waves.

Tip 6: Use Water

Rehydrate every time you have the chance. Even a child knows that the best way to cool down or keep cool is to drink water. Drink lots of water, more than your daily average prior to the season. If you don’t have a swimming pool, you can still make a little water go a long way. Dab a cloth with water and put it on the pressure points of your body, namely, your wrist, temples, elbows and all joint creases. Drinking ice cold water will cool the body down quicker. Remember don’t waste water as it is precious.

What other tricks have proved beneficial to you at staying cool this season? Be generous, leave us a comment below and don’t forget to click the ‘share’ button…

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