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Home Remedies for Low Energy and Fatigue

Fatigue can give a mixture feeling of wariness, tiredness and in general a lack of energy. There are many causes for low energy. It could be as simple as putting more energy into your daily life to become more active, the less movement or exercise your body gets the more energy it can lose. Being

5 Food that will Make You Look Younger and Healthier

To get a smooth and a radiant skin is not rocket science. Just a visit to the markets will expose you to a variety of creams and lotions, claiming to solve all your skin issues one week. Though a few do prove effective, the majority of them don’t work. But is it really worth wasting

5 Foods that should be avoided by the Elderly

Healthy eating has long been acknowledge as one of the principal ways to boost resistance against illness and disease, improved skin and sight quality, faster healing times, and better management of chronic health problems. Symptoms of diseases and other related health conditions are usually more common among the elderly and to help them achieve most

Village Square Clinic: Home of Natural Remedies and More

Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, said, “Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food.”  It’s amazing how far we’ve drifted from this sound advice. Growing interest in health and wellness has encouraged alternative medicines to become increasingly popular across cultures. Fruits and vegetables as well as herbs, spices, roots